Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Realtors is Coming Out with "For Real" Numbers on Real Estate Sales the Last 3 years

Realtors is coming out with their "for real" numbers tomorrow. The organization that sets itself above the average real estate agent, and makes real estate agents that only follow their code of high ethics be able to call themselves "Realtors". It is such a highly regarded name that they have trademarked the name and if anyone is to so much come out with a website with the name "realtor" in it, they threaten to sue.

So what is the issue?
Through some unnamed source, the National Board of Realtors that produces the nation's home sales figures every month for the last 20 years, has been fudging the numbers the last 3 years. How could this happen? Skeptics in the industry say they probably did it out of fear. When you have the highest Real Estate Market bull run in American history, followed by one of the worst real estate housing crashes, your going to have people freak out and make the image seem it isn't as bad as it seems.

Remember that these numbers being off is a huge issue, everything from Home Depot to Real Estate Agent Email Lists are affected. These numbers are not merely just an indicator for the government, one of the largest sectors of our economy value this number to guide them as the future of the market. The National Association of Realtors should be ashamed of this lying to the American public, and should be monitored by a third-party agency from here on out.

Where are the Corrected Numbers?
Supposedly,  they are coming out tomorrow. I say supposedly because after your wife/husband cheats on you, are you ever going to trust them again? The National Association of Realtors is telling us that right now they are predicting that the sales results were 10-15% off.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Where can I find a good real estate agent email list?

This is the number 1 question we receive all the time is "where can I find a good real estate agent email list?". It is ridiculous the other websites that are selling these real estate lists and they are so old or they are filled with duplicates and are complete SHIT!
Which websites am I talking?

You can find these guys all over the net but they have one thing in common, they DO NOT offer a guarantee! Of course, if I was selling crap I wouldn't either!

So Where can I find a trusted Real Estate Agent Email List?
There are really only two places, to buy any sort of real estate email lists,
1. Realtor Email Lists - Offer great Realtor Email Lists with a 90% Accuracy Guarantee.
2. Real Estate Agent Email Lists - Offer great real estate agent email lists with a 92% Guarantee.

Plus, oddly enough these lists are some of the most affordable on the Net! Weird?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top 5 Real Estate Markets To Buy (And then Rent it Out!)

Who says there isn't money being made in the real estate industry today? I bet I can name you 5 places that have seen a spike in the rental prices in the United States and they aren't located in Bum-Ville.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Rents in The United States 2011

1. Houston, Texas - 2.5% - It is good to be a real estate agent in Houston, TX. They have the sun, southern hospitality, and southern money. The projected 3-year increase in rent is 18%! Average home value is $174,000 and the average rent is $818. And I thought Manhattan was Bad!

2. Grand Rapids, Michigan - 2.4% - I always knew that the rapids were grand here but I had no idea the real estate in Michigan was doing this well. It's good to know that even after the downfall - or I should say the continuing downfall of that smelly Detroit that there is still something that doesn't stink in this state. Projected 3-Year increase in Real Estate values is 15%, Average home value estimated at $128,000, and currently monthly rent at $636/month. Nice numbers, but it is still in the same state as the worst city in the USA.

3. Rochester, New York - 2.3% - Of all the places in New York I had no idea Rochester was doing this well, it might have something to do with the Canadiens but no one knows for sure. The projected 3-Year increase is at a whopping 25%! If you're a real estate agent in New York, just pack your stuff right no and head to this gold plated town.  Average home price is $148,000 and average rent is $785, this would be my personal #1 but the geeks over here still rank it at #3, just the blogger here I can only have so much say.

4. Dallas, Texas - 2.2% - When Texans say they do things big here I guess they do. Not only was 1 spot not good enough for them but they had to take up two. Texas real estate agents can enjoy a beautiful city and a luxury lifestyle selling, Dallas if you have ever been there, is a great city and it is good to see them doing well. 16% projected increase in the next 3 years (that means stay there if you live there) average home price $166,000 and average rent at $877 (Highest Rent so far on this list, I told you they do things big in Texas.

5. Tulsa, Oklahoma - 1.8% - I know this may be coming out of left field, but it would explain why our sales for Oklahoma Real Estate Agent Email Lists have doubled this year. Tulsa is now on the map people. Projected 3-Year increase of 19%, current home prices at $146,000 (average home price) and the average rent at $671.

As a synopsis you can see that these housing markets do not exist on the ocean, and they the top 5 real estate markets are not the big cities like NYC and LA that you would expect. Our hottest email lists by far are in the state of Texas and this map would show why, they are doing all the deals!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Real Estate Agent Email Lists

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